We’ve turned the corner…

Spring is heading this way, and nothing can stop it, not that there won’t be a few dreary days to come, but thats okay. For the third day in a row I’ve walked outside to take a smoke break, and have been greeted by sunshine and 70 something degree weather, but today there was something different. As I stepped off of the porch, I was greeted by the sound of birds chirping and the sight of flowers in bloom and green leaves returning to the trees.

Say all you want about January 1 being a time for new beginnings, and starting all over again, but in my opinion that is just chronologically speaking. For me, spring is more symbolic of the chance to start anew, as everything wakes up from its winter slumber, and starts to thrive once again. Perhaps the surfer in me, is always wishing for the “endless summer” where everything thrives, and keeps on going without taking a break. But I welcome the chance to every year see things start all over again. I think it goes back to the quote “without pain, you would know no pleasure.”

On the photo side of things though, it has once again been a week with minimal picture taking, and more taking care of business. I’m currently neck deep in re-designing my website, to better promote myself, but rather than looking at it as something negative, the change in climate has encouraged me to look at it as a chance to hit the reset button and start over again. As I look at the work I have done over the past six years to create my new website, I have convinced myself to see it as a way to learn from my mistakes in the past, and a way to set goals for my work in the future. Now if I could only have that mentality all the time, I’d be in business.