The Power List

I just found out that Command Sergeant Major Teresa King, who I spent a day photographing back in September of 2009, after she was named the first female commandant of the U.S. Army Drill Sergeant School, was named to Oprah’s “2010 O Power List”. Congrats to CSM King, who is an amazing person. It doesn’t hurt knowing that you beat the queen of all media to the punch by an entire year either!

Here are the resulting pages from the November 2009 issue of Jolie.  While I’m still not a fan of the layout/design used, it was a great story that was and still am proud to have been a part of telling.

CSM King is in pretty good company this year.  The other nominees include the likes of Julia Roberts, Diane Sawyer, and Vera Wang.  You can check out the full list at

Turns out I’m not dull

Well, at least one of my photos isn’t dull, according to the folks over at AntiDull, an online Fine Art and Photography magazine that was started back in August of 2007. I was selected to appear in their June 2008 issue which can be viewed at first PocketWizard now this… I’ll be an internet celebrity pretty soon if I keep this up. Hope all is well out there.