2011 Favorites – Mobile (iPhone 4) Photos

Exactly a year ago I finally decided to break down and get an iPhone 4 (my first iPhone).  One of my favorite things about this phone is the camera and huge variety of photo editing/sharing apps that are available for it.  I’ve had several phones with cameras before this one, and always found myself snapping a photo on them from time to time, but I usually wasn’t happy with the resulting image quality, and almost always forgot to download the picture to my computer so I could share it.  In all honesty what is the point of taking photos if you can’t share them for others to enjoy?  The iPhone has changed all of this for me.  I’m now happy with the results more often than not (realizing the limitations of the camera on a phone), and I almost always share them via facebook, twitter, and as @_flashnick on instagram, or here on the blog.

You can see a 25 image gallery of my favorite photos from my first year of iPhone photography, and a list of my favorite iPhone photo apps by clicking to read more below.

Best of iPhone Photography 2011

Here are my favorite iPhone photo apps for shooting, editing, and sharing all from the phone. Some of these apps replicate some of the same features, but I’ve found that some apps do one thing well while others to something else well, so I just keep a lot of photo apps in a folder on my phone.


Adobe Photoshop Express

Camera Bag

TiltShift Generator

Impression (watermarking)


Last but not least (after they improved their ToS) I started using instagram late this year.


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